Murray Gross's daughter - abuse in the USA

מאת: Murray Gross

קוד: Murray Gross

The astute among the several hundred who visit our site each month (note that our "hit" counter was recently reset to a random number for technical reasons) will have noted that it has not been updated for something over two years, and for this I apologize: I have been preoccupied with defending myself against a group of particularly filthy lawsuits, brought before a woman reputedly the worst judge in a court that is known as a judicial cesspool.

To be sure, these are strong words, but this is a court that thinks nothing of participating in fraud to obtain consent to a restraining order, improperly refusing to acknowledge the withdrawal of consent that followed discovery of the fraud, and, flouting the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution, using this same invalid and withdrawn consent as an excuse to write yet another restraining order without hearing the facts. And this is the least of the wrongs. Although, over the course of two and a half years' of bitterly contested litigation, my attorneys have reduced the allegations against me to shreds of fantasy based on medical malpractice, incompetence, perjury, and a host of lesser human failings, the court and petitioners continue to root about in the rubble, adamantly refusing to even examine, much less act upon, fully documented counterclaims of a true evil: psychological abuse by the petitioners that is so brutal it has caused the now fourteen-year-old victim to be psychiatrically hospitalized several times.

Despite the best efforts of my attorneys, psychiatrists, and psychologists to call attention to the abuse, it continues, now no longer with the ignorant and prejudiced consent of the court and child-wefare services, but with their active participation, the victim so seriously disabled that mere attendance at a school for children with special needs is considered by the court to be a major improvement in her condition. It isn't; it is only a measure of the extent to which improper manipulation and preSCR-IPTion drugs have broken down an almost heroic refusal to abandon the truth and reality. And because my resources are now exhausted, I need your help, legal (New York State civil and appelate courts) and financial, to put an end to this destructive abuse. Unless it is stopped, this child stands to lose her identity, her very self, to become a hollow carricature of her tormentors.

I will not burden those who have been gracious enough to read this far with further detail; that may be had by addressing serious inquiries to It is sufficient to conclude by adding that my child is only one of many who have been struck by a plague that was unleashed about thirty years ago by a shift in certain societal and judicial attitudes without proper precaution or response to the results. Whatever help you can provide for my daughter will help thousands of others like her. This is truly pikuach nefesh.

Old Responses

By אילה ( ב00:42:56  05.03.2004:
Dear Mr. Gross,
I am so sorry you have to go through
so much suffering and pain.
I feel for you, and pray for you and your family.
May G-d always watch and protect you.
I'm also going through a very difficult time, but
I keep reminding myself that every pain has a purpose.
Pain makes us grow. Pain makes us stronger.
Please DO NOT lose hope.
I will be thinking about you.
Take care and best wishes for a better future.